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Last Updated: 03/03/24


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Current Wyoming Operations

Wyoming Operations:


wyoming oil investment opportunities

  • Twelve horizontal wells spud in March, April and May of 2023
  • Seven of the wells are completed (3 turned to production)
  • Remi Fed produced 28K BO in August (Currently making 1,000+ BOPD)
  • Map shows nearby wells that have produced over 500k BO in less than 18 months
  • Anschutz Exploration Corporation (AEC) is one of the top operators in America
  • AEC operates 84 wells in Converse County that have produced over 19 million BO
  • Converse County is the largest producer of crude oil in the Powder River Basin
  • The Powder River Basin is one of the most resource‐rich areas in the United States with massive reserves of coal, crude oil and natural gas

Wyoming Operations: HOW IT’S GOING

  • 12 wells completed and producing, awaiting revenue
  • All are producing and generating revenue
  • Current well status from Wyoming #3 (click to enlarge for details) – as of 3/3/24:
wyoming #3 as of march 3, 2024
anschutz exploration

What’s Next for Wyoming?

  • Wyoming #5 – 5 wells with EOG Resources as of 2/18/24:
eog resources
wyoming #5 as of march 3 2024
  • There’s still time to participate with a high potential to earn some profits!
  • Major Operators (like EOG) are in the game to make money for themselves and their investors – but don’t wait too long; #5 is filling up fast!

EOG Resources

  • 4 wells in the heart of the Powder River Basin
  • Many of our Partnerships have paid out over 75% on $3.50 MCF and $50.00 oil average
  • Current price per barrel of oil is over $80.00
  • Nearby wells have produced over 300,000 BO or 1,000,000 MCF in less than 5 years
  • Only $870,000 of $1,750,000 left of this brand new partnership
  • A few of our most recent wells have paid out 202% and 112% while still cash flowing 2-5 percent a month

Maps above shows the surrounding production:

wyoming operations
  • The wells in this partnership are among some of the best oil wells in Wyoming.
  • Many of the surrounding wells are not only great oil producers but fantastic gas producers as well. 
  • Oil prices are currently at $80.00+ per barrel and many experts expect it to go much higher.

DW Wyoming #7 Prospect

Basic Information Sheet

Name of Issuer                          
 DW Wyoming #7, LP
Managing Partner   
 DW Energy Group, LLC
Operator of Prospect
 EOG Resources Inc. 
Well Names 
 EOG Geneva 3229-05H
 EOG Geneva 3229-06H
 EOG Geneva 3229-37H
 EOG Geneva 3229-38H
Proposed Total Depth
 Up to Twenty-three Thousand (23,000) Feet
Primary Objective 
 Niobrara Shale
Subscription Price Per Unit
Equivalent Working Interest Per Unit
 0.2270% in the EOG Geneva 3229-05H
 0.2270% in the EOG Geneva 3229-06H
 0.2270% in the EOG Geneva 3229-37H
 0.2270% in the EOG Geneva 3229-38H
Equivalent Net Revenue Interest  Per Unit
 0.2770% in the EOG Geneva 3229-05H
 0.2770% in the EOG Geneva 3229-06H
 0.2770% in the EOG Geneva 3229-37H
 0.2770% in the EOG Geneva 3229-38H
Maximum Number of Units Offered 
 Seven (7) Units
Minimum Number of Units Offered
 One (1) Unit
Maximum Capitalization 
Minimum Capitalization

Wyoming Energy Industry in the News


Wyoming Oil and Gas Industry Takes a Substantial Step Towards a Clean Energy Future


The article from Wyoming Public Radio discusses the evolving stance of Wyoming’s oil and gas industry towards addressing climate change concerns while ensuring sustainability and economic growth. Here are some additional insights and information about this article:

Shift in Industry Perspective: The creation of the Wyoming Carbon Innovation Network by the Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) indicates a significant shift in the industry’s perspective. Instead of solely focusing on traditional extraction methods, the industry is exploring sustainable practices to manage carbon emissions effectively.

Carbon Management: The network’s primary objective is to delve into ‘carbon management.’ This involves not only the removal of carbon emissions from oil and natural gas production but also determining viable methods for its storage, utilization, or removal from the atmosphere.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR): A notable application of captured carbon is enhanced oil recovery. By injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) into aging wells, it not only aids in extracting more oil but also contributes to cleaning the reservoir rocks, thereby increasing oil production efficiency.

Collaborative Approach: The network aims to foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including smaller oil and gas companies, experts, and academics. By doing so, it seeks to bridge knowledge gaps, identify opportunities, and accelerate the development of the carbon management industry within Wyoming.

Environmental Concerns: While some environmental groups acknowledge carbon capture as a potential solution to mitigate climate change impacts, they raise concerns about its cost-effectiveness and the potential perpetuation of fossil fuel dependency. The article cites an International Energy Agency (IEA) report highlighting the high costs and uncertainties associated with carbon removal technologies.

Divergent Views: The article underscores the divergence in opinions regarding the utilization of captured carbon. While Julie Martinez emphasizes the network’s potential to bolster Wyoming’s oil and gas industry and align with environmental goals, environmental advocates stress the imperative to prioritize a transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources.

In summary, the article sheds light on Wyoming’s oil and gas industry’s proactive measures to navigate the challenges posed by climate change. By establishing the Wyoming Carbon Innovation Network, the industry aims to strike a balance between economic growth, job preservation, and environmental stewardship, albeit amid ongoing debates and concerns from environmental stakeholders.

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